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MagIso™ DNA & RNA Magnetic Silica Particles, 600 nm are superparamagnetic silica beads with very high surface area intended for nucleic acid extraction and purification. They have low sedimentation rate and fast magnetic response (3-5 min separation time). These particles have been developed for rapid and reliable isolation of nucleic acids from whole blood, plants, tissues, bacteria and other samples.
Richard  Gray
Absolute Mag™ Streptavidin Magnetic Particles, Crosslinked Dextran-coated, Fluorescent Far Red, 100 nm (# WHM-M091) are synthesized as a core of magnetite and a coating of crosslinked dextran with far-red fluorescence (excitation: 732 nm, emission: 758 nm), having streptavidin surface. These magnetic nanoparticles are cluster-typed shaped and can be separated with conventional permanent magnets. Polydispersity index: < 0.2.
Richard  Gray
DiagNano™ Plain Porous Silica Particles are monodisperse, porous silica microparticles used for chromatography with high loading capacity, strong mechanical strength, and superior separation capability. These microparticles have a hydrophilic surface with terminal Si-OH groups. These porous silica particles are available with the following pore sizess: 80 Å, 100 Å, 120 Å, 200 Å. Other pore sizes are available upon request. It have been widely used in the chromatographic analysis and industrial production of various organic compounds, natural products and biological macromolecules.
Richard  Gray