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Most companies today develop mobile apps to run their businesses. Every business chooses a different approach to developing its mobile app. Cross-platform app development and similar technologies are well-known methods for developers and businesses all over the globe.

React Native is the most popular option for mobile app development, used by many Android and iOS app users. In this blog, we will discuss React Native technology, the meaning of progressive web apps, and the benefits and drawbacks of React Native app development technology.

What are PWA (Progressive Web Apps)?

Progressive mobile apps are built with the help of web platform technology. These apps give a user experience similar to that of a platform-specific app. The progressive mobile app runs on several devices and platforms with the help of a single codebase.

You can easily install progressive web apps on any device. Apart from that, the apps can also work in offline mode. Moreover, progressive web apps can easily integrate with installed apps and devices.

Pros and Cons of using React Native

After discussing the meaning of progressive web apps, we will now talk about the Pros and Cons of React Native apps in this section.

Pros of React Native apps

  • It can easily develop cross-platform apps with the help of a single codebase.
  • You do not need to choose separate teams for Android and iOS app development.
  • React Native apps will help to streamline resource allocation and reduce the budget in the work.
  • The development speed of these apps will help to create an MVP that can be tested in the market easily.

Cons of React Native apps

Like pros, React Native apps have several cons such as:

  • This technology cannot be used to develop an app with complex functions.
  • It may make the performance slower than usual.
  • This technology is not useful in developing a complex app with animations and complicated functions.
  • Testing the app with React Native is not a simple task and requires a vast knowledge of the platform.
  • Upgrading the new version of React Native technology is a very time-consuming task and takes a lot of effort.
  • You will need a team of experienced app developers to implement the features of the mobile apps.

Advantages of React Native

Now, we will discuss the several Advantages of React Native in this section. The major benefits of using React Native technology in the development of Android App are:

  • Shorter time-to-market

React Native technology is widely used to create a minimum viable product of (MVP). In the process of developing an MVP, you must consider the development speed and code reusability.

It helps in gathering valuable data from customers. React Native technology will help validate the ideas and improve the process of decision-making. It helps to utilize resources and validate the viability of the concepts.

  • Gives a speedy app development process

One of the major benefits of using the React Native framework is that it speeds a speedy app development process. Apart from that, you can also create apps on multiple platforms with the help of a single codebase. This framework saves time and money and speeds up the process of app development.

  • Good community support

Another benefit of choosing the React Native framework is its community support. It can work with several devices and platforms to develop professional web apps. You will need to only install some libraries for the app development process.

In addition, the single codebase will fix several bugs easily. It also helps the app developers speed up the timeline of the app development process. You can develop a bug-free and professional web app with the help of the React Native framework.

  • Reduces cost and utilizes resources

The most important things to look at while doing any project are resource optimization and cost efficiency. The React native framework can easily develop cross-platform apps with the help of a single codebase. Besides, this framework also reduces development costs in the process of React Native App Development.

  • Good user experience

The React Native framework will provide a better user experience than other frameworks. A unified codebase gives a better user experience to iOS and Android users. You do not need to hire a separate team to develop mobile apps or to customize them with new features.

In addition, it is simple to reach a huge audience all over the world with the help of the React Native framework.

Disadvantages of React Native

React Native framework has several disadvantages such as:

  • Low performance

One of the major disadvantages of React Native is its low performance. It cannot use the potential of a particular platform. You will need certain tools to improve the performance of the React Native framework and make the apps run faster than usual.

  • Issues of updating the framework

It is very difficult to update the framework of React Native. Updating this framework will take a lot of time and involve many complicated tasks.

  • Not suitable for complex animations

React Native therapy is not suitable for solving complex animations and heavy computation tasks. Apart from that, the framework also affects the functioning of fully native apps in some cases.

  • Troubleshooting and debugging

This therapy is not capable of solving complex calculations. You can use several debugging tools to mitigate the different challenges and problems in the process of Web App Development. It is not capable of solving some complex mathematical problems in the process of app development.

These are the major Advantages and Disadvantages of the React Native framework for businesses and individuals.


The React Native framework is a very useful tool for app developers. It helps in developing robust apps for Android App Development as well as IOS App Development. You can hire React Native App Development Services to get more information on the React Native framework.

You can contact these services online from the official sites of the companies. React Native framework can be used to develop different kinds of mobile apps for every business size.

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