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by on July 10, 2024

Swooned on for their dreamy visual appeal and sought after in light-loving spaces, sheer roman blinds can paint any home with ethereal charm. Where a non-sheer blind would deprive you of natural light altogether and a bare window would expose the interiors to sun glare and curious bypassers, voile roman blinds allow light inflow while also providing privacy.

Alongside these benefits, The White Window’s made-to-measure sheer roman blinds also offer the luxe appeal of bespoke couture - a one-of-its-kind beauty that no mass-produced blind can ever deliver.  Because - with the infinite design potential that only fabrics possess - of donning any colour, pattern and texture - our sheer blinds can cater to all aesthetic tastes and decor styles. So, enjoy dressing your home with this unique luxury, but before you shop, lay your hands on all the information you need to specify the perfect voile blinds for your home’s settings.

Dressing a Home with the Soft Chic of Sheer Roman Blinds

Every room can be dressed up in the translucent beauty of sheer blinds, but certain places are especially etched out for them - like living rooms, basements, kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms. These rooms benefit from being flushed with soft daylight and don’t require a strict level of privacy, especially during the night. In other rooms where privacy needs to be guaranteed, such as bedrooms, net blinds can be layered up with non-sheers, and act as privacy-guaranteers and the first line of defence against light, heat and dust during the day.

Unless leaving the window bare voices your decor style or makes the space more functional, we recommend considering voile blinds for every window of the home. From the multi-purpose living room to the versatile basement, every space can benefit from the translucent beauty and non-intrusive presence of sheer blinds, as described in detail below -

Diffused Sunlight for Living Rooms

A generous dose of natural light is preferred in living rooms because, well, this is where the entire family’s ‘living’ happens. This is where kids do their homework, family catches up on daily updates, and where the couch becomes a cuddle station, a reading nook and a movie theatre with equal ease.

You want plenty of natural light here to facilitate all these activities but certainly not at the cost of your family’s privacy and not with the sunlight’s glare interfering with your laptop’s screen or precious weekend TV time. This is where voile roman blinds become extremely handy. They filter the incoming light and tone down its harsh glare so that the light will neither blind you, nor the screens.   

When the room gets bathed in a soft diffused light, it is also calming and rejuvenating. The energy and freshness of the space inspire you to be more active, whereas a dark closed-off space could make you feel sleepy and bored. Besides, if your aesthetic taste is all about light and airy looks, nothing can assure that as much as sheer blinds.  Sheer Roman Shades

Think of a white semi-sheer roman blind like Verity on your living room’s windows and you are assured of softly diffused natural light all day. With a palette that adds serenity to the space rather than the bustle of patterns or the fizz of colour, this roman blind could be a timeless choice to go with all your wall paint experiments and evolving tastes.

While white voile blinds like Verity have been the staples in living rooms for these reasons, you can indulge in colours and patterns that suit your taste, and regardless of the choice, you’re assured of a light-filled airy space because that’s the essence of sheer roman blinds.

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