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Shemale Thick Sex Doll Best Of Both Worlds

Shemale sex dolls come in all sizes and shapes. So if you like transgender women, you are in for a treat. There is a full size shemale love doll and a lifelike torso with both a penis and luscious breasts. Additionally, some models come with the option to swap the pussy and dick, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds in one lifelike sex doll.

Shemale thick sex dolls are great sex toys that can help you explore new aspects of your sex life. These toys come with parts for everyone – huge cock dildos to shove yourself in, big breasts to caress and flirt while you crush and poke, anal tunnels to pierce , and some come with cat attachments.

The best thing about shemale thick sex dolls is that they come with both male and female parts. Its versatility makes it perfect for solo play and couples alike. It is also called a transsexual real doll. If you've ever been to Thailand and spent time with a ladyboy, you know how amazing the transsexual experience is. But you don't have to travel to Thailand or other Asian countries to be openly with a transsexual because you can get a Bezlya sex doll and spice up your sex life.

G-cup 165cm Tiffany Irontech Sex Doll

Main Features Of Shemale Sex Doll

-Shemale sex dolls are made of body-safe and soft rubber, which is pleasant to the touch and provides a lively feeling.
-Hair is usually made of synthetic material, but looks very realistic.
-Sex dolls with faces are usually made up to look like real transsexuals.
-Transsexual real dolls may have different skin colors, you will find dark skinned, white skinned or tanned shemale sex dolls. They may even have Asian-type features.
- Shemale sex dolls come with dildos that look like real penises and are designed with balls, heads and even veins. Penis lengths vary, but the shaft usually averages 7 to 9 inches.
-Realistic breasts are an important feature of shemale sex dolls. The breasts are C cup size, elastic and soft. They just feel like natural boobs.
-Some tranny DL sex doll comes with an attachment so that you can swap your penis for a pussy.

Such lifelike dolls give you the best of both worlds. Transsexual love dolls are perfect for both men and women. Get your sex doll now!

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