by on December 22, 2023

Biological system analysis and biomolecular detection are the two fundamental components of biomedical analysis, of which bioanalysis is an essential component. Recently, scientists have concentrated on three areas: Point-of-care (POC) testing requires the integration and miniaturization of analytical devices. Critical information regarding the heterogeneity of a particular population can be obtained by evaluating at the single-cell or single-molecule level. High-throughput screening is necessary for large-scale analysis. Microfluidic techniques, which transform sampling, sample separation, mixing, chemical reaction, and detection, are being developed quickly to address these issues.

Another name for microfluidics is "laboratory on a chip" (LOC). Since its inception, microfluidic technologies have significantly advanced the disciplines of chemical synthesis, biofabrication, drug screening, and organ/tissue modeling, as well as experimental biology and biomedical research. Crucially, high sensitivity, mobility, and specificity can be achieved by integrating microfluidics with POC testing. 

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