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Greeting everyone. I hope that you are satisfied with the new mobile app version 1.4 just released yesterday. Today, we would like to bring you one more interesting news: the phpFox Memorial Day Sale 2019 is running now. Please take this good opportunity to get our Script and start building your online community from today.   Save up to 13% on Memorial Day Sale 2019 With coupon code: MEMORIAL2019 For ALL new phpFox license purchases or license upgrades From May 22nd, 2019 to May 2...
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Why phpFox implement these apps? Nowadays people love having the ability to express with reactions and post statuses with attractive backgrounds on the social site. As you may know, these features were first introduced on Facebook, one of the most popular social network sites a few years ago. They quickly become familiar with social users and encourage them to have more interactions on Facebook. Obviously, they are Must-Have key features for any social network site to increase user engagement...
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Words by Kelundra Smith  Photographs by Brad Ogbonna Illustrations by Ryan Johnson Miles from Hollywood is another industry star—Atlanta—the set for many big-budget blockbusters including Black Panther and Stranger Things. When the crew calls cut, they head out to dig into the city’s vibrant culture and cuisine. Here they share their favorite local spots to laugh, dance, and prepare for the next day of shooting with a breakfast of Southern-fried chicken and waffles. Laugh out lou...
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By Tristan Harris “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled.” — Unknown. I’m an expert on how technology hijacks our psychological vulnerabilities. That’s why I spent the last three years as a Design Ethicist at Google caring about how to design things in a way that defends a billion people’s minds from getting hijacked. When using technology, we often focus optimistically on all the things it does for us. But I want to show you where it might do the opp...
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By Lance Ng September of 2018, iFlytek, a Chinese technology company and world leader in A.I. — particularly in voice recognition software — was accused of disguising human translation as machine translation during a tech conference in Shanghai. The whistleblower was an interpreter, Bell Wang, who was doing live translation at the conference. He noticed that iFlytek was using his translations as live subtitles on a screen next to the company’s brand logo. This gave the appearance that the t...
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By Kristin Wong Welcome to Joint Accounts, a weekly advice column about money and relationships of all kinds. Have a question? Email Dear Joint Accounts, My friend’s boyfriend told her he wants to borrow $2,000 for an “act of charity.” What is a tactful way for her to handle that situation if lending money is outside of her comfort zone? — Uncomfortable Friend Right now, I’m betting at least a few readers want to lunge through the computer a...
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By Alexander C. Kaufman It could be any country, but let’s say it’s Vietnam. The year is 2069. World governments failed to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 — the deadline set in a 2018 United Nations report — setting off a chain of rapid warming. Megastorms and wildfires regularly kill hundreds and displace tens of thousands, and coastal cities are abandoning low-lying neighborhoods to the rising sea. Freshwater and food are in short supply as drought dries wellsprings and parches ...
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Social networks are becoming a popular way for internet users to communicate and interact online. People spend hours and hours on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to talk to friends, read the news, discuss events… Unfortunately, this popularity also attracts a significant amount of spammers who continuously expose malicious behaviors. These behaviors lead to misunderstandings and inconveniences on users’ social activities. As the leading solution in building Social Network, phpFox comes right ...
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Saakaar Constructions, a great team of top real estate developers in Patna is here with its latest housing project namely ‘AquaCity’. Saakaar Constructions (the top construction company in Patna) welcomes you to Aquacity, a life enriched by aquatic activities where you stay active, happy and always at the top of your form. The very concept of Saakaar AquaCity building invokes feelings of belonging. Here you feel as if you do belong to a large yet manageably compact family. At AquaCity, t...
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These things will surely make you cry out loud, and there is nothing compared to the beautiful starry sky and the camel Safari of the desert of Thar. However, if you are planning to get somewhere in Jaisalmer this summer then here are some places that you should not miss to visit. For more info:- Camp in Jaisalmer
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Rajasthan is rising as a favorite destination for foreign tourists thanks to the historical beauty and royal forts. However, travel expenses are always a "headache" problem for travel lovers who want to travel as much as possible or want to travel with their groups. Let's check out the below tips for your budget tours in Rajasthan. Rajasthan Tour Promotions The tour promotion is always the hot and efficient key for those who want to find a good price Rajasthan tour. For those who want "do-...
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One of U2’s more popular songs talks about a search that leads to climbing the highest mountains, running through the fields, and scaling city walls only to come to the realization “But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.” That’s not a path you want to follow in Salesforce when assigning or reassigning Leads. An assignment does not just occur when a prospective customer enters a company’s pipeline. The customer lifecycle management process contains many points where: — an assignment o...
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Jaipur with all its majestic features welcomes the tourists and travelers to take a tour and feel like the royals. The vibrancy of the city makes your Rajasthan Tour Package more exciting. The magnificent forts, beautiful palaces, gardens and other structures erected in the ancient era stand strong to this day. Jaipur is indeed the reflection of the culture and rich heritage of Rajasthan. Proper planning, arrangements and scheduling the itineraries are important when you take up the Jaipur To...
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Sun Pacific Power has become a diversified publicly traded holding company, “Sun Pacific Holding Corp” (OTCQB:SNPW) to encompass all of its subsidiaries Sun Pacific Power Corp, Street Smart Outdoor Corp, Bella Electrical LLC, National Mechanical Corp, Sun Pacific Security Corp. From the beginning we have continued to build upon our management`s knowledge and experience.
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Make certain you usually know where your kids are. There are lots of dangers related to camping, through campers getting into and departing the campground in order to children obtaining lost. It sometimes happens immediately, so get them to always closely watched. For your own first Rajasthan journey camping, avoid straying too much from house. You could find that your own gear isn’t right, or your own trip isn’t that which you thought it might be. Maybe you will run reduced on meals or not h...
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With wintertime around the corner, selection time for you to consider things you can do Rajasthan for individuals apparently endless days of holiday? As anybody who takes care of children knows, a great day trip Rajasthan calls for lots of activities and entertainment, somewhere to consume and a choice of remaining inside once the weather requires a turn for that worse! At Jaipur Rajasthan, there’s a variety of fun-fuelled activities for kids of every age group, and on top of that – it never ...
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Rajasthan contribution within the boom Asia tourism is immense and incredible. Found in the peaceful and pristine shore from the Arabian Ocean and also the high towering Western Ghats, Rajasthan is among the most searched for after tourist destination that allures thousands of vacationers from around the world. Udaipur Tour Package   Now one question will definitely strike in your thoughts that, what’s backwater? Should you never visit this condition than this is extremely apparent? Well, ...
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If you are looking for a great place to visit this vacation, Jaisalmer is a perfect choice. Jaisalmer is a popular tourist destination that has a lot to offer. Whether you are a thrill seeker or an art lover, it has something for everyone. The most notable landmarks of the city are Jaisalmer Fort, Patwa Ki Haveli, Tanot  Mata Temple,  Jain Temple, and Camel Safari. Nonetheless, the best way to enjoy your trip is to go on a Desert Safari. Jaisalmer Desert Camps Read on to know more about the t...
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When heading out or just going to shopping centers, people need to bring diverse things from cosmetics, cell phones and some more. These things are essential to enable people to manage their own needs effortlessly and effectively. In any case, conveying every one of these things can be inconceivable on the off chance that you don't have the correct pack. Starting at now, there are distinctive kinds of packs people can make utilization of. Be that as it may, cotton sacks are getting to be wel...
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Rudraksha is the seed of the Rudraksha tree.  It takes around 18 years to grow to its full size.  “Rudraksha” the Sanskrit word means the “eyes of Shiva”.  Rudraksha beads are worn for good health, religious attainment through Japa ( Prayers) and Shakti (power).  They are used for physical and mental well being, to reduce stress, meditation and body fluid regulation.  Rudraksha always gives positive effects to the wearer and has no malefic effects as compared to Ratnas / stones.  Shiva Pur...
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The statement came a day following Wisdom’s shares led falls in Hong Kong-listed education firms after China released a draft of revised private education regulations that could bar some companies from growing via mergers and acquisitions. The Ministry of Justice released the draft amendment associated to advertising private education late on Friday, which incorporated incremental government support for private schools and the standardisation of setting up and operating private schools. Jefferie...
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It utilised to be that computer programming was all about utilizing the appropriate language. Involving systems like C, Lisp, and Pascal, programmers had their option of specialty and format. Even so, the differences between programming languages have largely been fixed with enhanced computing power that permits systems to realize and simply move among all languages. These days, the concentrate is on frameworks, which have a tendency to be far more modern and forward-considering and which can ov...
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Cleaning carpet in your vehicle is important for your vehicle to look well maintained and clean. It may not be as important as maintaining an engine and other parts of the car, but then carpet cleaning is something that makes your vehicle look clean and attractive. Cleaning the carpet in your vehicle is an easy and simple process that does not even consume much time. Here are a few methods by which you will be able to clean the carpets in your vehicles very easily in a simple manner. Source...
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its me and my cusion in village
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Handy-Störsender sind wichtige Signalstörungswerkzeuge Bist du verrückt nach so vielen verschiedenen Arten von Geräuschen um deine Ohren? Wir können die Lärmbelästigung nicht mehr ertragen. Besonders wenn du mit deinen alten Freunden sprichst, spricht plötzlich der Mann neben dir laut und schreit auf, um zu telefonieren. Was kannst du tun außer kämpfen? Kompromiss? Natürlich nicht, Sie können nicht besiegt werden, weil Sie diesen Handy-Signal-Störsender haben. Dort lernst du eine neue Art, mi...
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Freelance Writing Business Freelancer is the one who is self – employed or the person who work from home for a company or a firm. There are several fields where freelancers are occupied such as web designer, graphic designer, marketing executive, sales executive, content writer and many more. If you want to protect your personal assets and are more satisfied by working from home then you took a right decision to work as a freelancer. Even with that you have the best writing skills and loo...
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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas sed diam eget risus varius blandit sit amet non magna. Aenean eu leo quam. Pellentesque ornare sem lacinia quam venenatis vestibulum. Donec sed odio dui. Duis mollis, est non commodo luctus, nisi erat porttitor ligula, eget lacinia odio sem nec elit. Nullam quis risus eget urna mollis ornare vel eu leo.
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             How to download AOL Mobile App To make your work easier and feel free to access AOL webmail from anywhere by just one touch, “Download AOL Mobile App.” It is the product of AOL Inc. a multinational telecommunication company based in the USA. The user of AOL Mail can not only access their email messages but also there are lots of function for them. They can watch the video & share the video on Twitter, Facebook etc. Be updated with AOL latest news related to politics, sports, ente...
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Sim, o site é muito seguro, até mesmo porque utiliza criptografia ssl Essa é uma das principais perguntas na hora de buscar um emprego. Hoje vou falar um pouco sobre o site de emprego esse site foi criado em 2003 se eu não me engano, o site é diferente dos demais como a Catho e o indeed empregos. Esse site permite que os usuários envie seu curriculo no e-mail de até 1.000 empresas de uma só vez o que é muito legal pois aumenta significativamente a possibilidade de um...
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"This is a new initiative for us, and it stems from the low unemployment price," stated Cole Bawek, Ashley’s public relations director. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics mentioned that Wisconsin's unemployment rate fell to an all-time low of 2.8 % in April. Ashley, one particular of the greatest furniture manufacturers in the world, is frequently increasing and hiring. The organization began advertised throughout Eau Claire that it would supply absolutely free rides to work in an work to fill ...
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Early use of cotton yarn and silk, known as yarn wrapped wire and Enamelled Wire, was used in motors and electrical appliances. Due to the large thickness of the insulation and low heat resistance, most have been replaced by enameled wires. It is currently only used as a high frequency winding wire. In the large and medium-sized winding wires, when the heat resistance level is high and the mechanical strength is large, the glass fiber covered wire is also used, and the appropriate adhesive paint...
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phpFox 4.6.1 Build 5 Release by PhpFox ·July 26, 2018 Posted in: phpFox News, phpFox Releases, phpFox V4 phpFox 4.6.1 build 5 We are pleased to announce the phpFox 4.6.1 build 5 is released now. In this maintenance version, we continuously fixed many issues as well as added some minor improvements to make your phpFox site more stable. Let’s take a quick look on some highlighted info of this version now: Issues Fixed Video – Technical issue when adding wrong video l...
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Frosted plastic cups are a good tool for marketing and form an integral part of the catering and eatery business model. But many are clueless as to how these items can be used for branding and marketing purposes along with the requirements they already serve. Are you one of them as well? Do you own a food and beverages business and want to market it with whatever resource you get, but do not have the know-how? Well, this blog is going to introduce and explain 4 types of personalized frosted p...
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Why need to implement using cell phone signal jammer? In many situations in our lives, such as examination, meetings, etc., using a mobile phone is very inappropriate, this time in addition to early mobile phones confiscated, can use mobile phone signal shielding device, will be within the scope of the particular occasion, wi-fi signal shielding the signal, without the mobile phone signals, access to the Internet, we wouldn't go to play mobile phone, it's very good reach the expected effect. ...
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