by on January 25, 2019
By Tristan Harris “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled.” — Unknown. I’m an expert on how technology hijacks our psychological vulnerabilities. That’s why I spent the last three years as a Design Ethicist at Google caring about how to design things in a way that defends a billion people’s minds from getting hijacked. When using technology, we often focus optimistically on all the things it does for us. But I want to show you where it might do the opp...
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by on January 23, 2019
Social networks are becoming a popular way for internet users to communicate and interact online. People spend hours and hours on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to talk to friends, read the news, discuss events… Unfortunately, this popularity also attracts a significant amount of spammers who continuously expose malicious behaviors. These behaviors lead to misunderstandings and inconveniences on users’ social activities. As the leading solution in building Social Network, phpFox comes right ...
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by on November 13, 2018
Backup Box is a file migration tool. It is used to transfer files between online storage services. Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive both are the cloud-storage services. On both, you can store your data, but it depends on you which you use more and which is essential to you. If you want to make some free space in the Drive, then you can transfer data from one to another service but, cloud data transferring is not so simple, to perform this, you’ll need a migrating medium. Backup Box work as...
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by on October 18, 2018
While preparing the Mac for sale, the new owner should not view any of your data and details as it could reveal your information. Resetting the Mac to its factory settings is an option to prevent the threat on the information. Hence you must try to the methods before selling your Mac to Factory reset your system. Here’s how to Factory Reset your Mac. Create Backup of Data Before wiping everything and restoring the Mac to its factory settings, it is advised to create a backup of the data...
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by on October 18, 2018
iCloud storage services is Apple’s handy tool that is needed for backup and restoring the documents, photos, saving passwords and even for finding a lost and stolen iPhone. iCloud securely stores your videos, photos, documents, music, apps and much more. It allows you to easily share locations, calendars, and photo with friends and family. If you are having a Windows computer and do not have a Mac or iOS device, you can get iCloud web-only access to use Contacts, Notes, iCloud Drive, Pages, N...
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by on October 9, 2018
iPhones are widespread across the globe due to their efficiency. Several apps such as FaceTime, Calendar, and Contacts come preset with iPhone. Despite its popularity and amazing user interface, some users experience app crash issues after updating their iPhone to iOS 12. Now, these problems could be server related, software related, etc. Whatever the reason may be, this issue is extremely bothersome. Let’s see the ways to fix the app crash issue in iPhones. Try Soft Reset Sometimes the pr...
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by on October 8, 2018
If you get any challenge while you are in the process of uninstalling AOL desktop gold, it is possible to have install AOL Gold Desktop Download 1-877-219-6492 that has technical experts that will help in sorting the problem that you may be having. AOL has made the work of everyone very easy as it launches their products that are best over time hence allowing the users to have access to their various features that range from browsing in the internet and mailing where there are security features ...
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We know the process of how to perform Alexa Dot setup, so if you are looking to set up Alexa Dot for the first time, then it is advised to take help of an expert. One wrong step could create more issues for you, so you better call us while setting up Alexa Dot. amazon echo dot setup echo dot setup amazon alexa setup  
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The significance of hostile to slip covering is known to everybody. The non slip covering are best for keep up the surface safe. A large portion of the significant wounds are accounted for is caused by because of slipping. Employments of hostile to non slip coating are the ideal answer for this issue. This is the most widely recognized explanation behind wounds in broad daylight zones. Slipping mishaps can be occurred in work puts too. The counter slip covering have an abrasive surface. It is li...
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We have the right support facility to resolve issues related to SBCGlobal net email login. Login issues could arise due to wrong login credentials, but if this isn’t the reason, then you need to get your email account checked by experts because only experts will tell what the problem is. Call us to get rid of email login issue.  SBCglobal Net Email Login SBCglobal Email Settings SBCglobal Net Login  
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We provide the best Amazon Fire Stick support at an affordable price. You can fix any problem by getting in touch with our professional Amazon Fire TV help and support providers. So, wait no more and call us now. Fire Tv Support Amazon Fire Tv Support Fire Tv Not Working  
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