It's an SEO Executive here from FME Extensions, a company that is serving its clients in web designing and development of all genres like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, and much more. FME has also created multiple multi-purpose products for its clients that are exclusively displayed on their official site and on Prestashop addons site where those products are very popular due to the extraordinary perfection in them. 

A few products are listed below:

Prestashop Pre Order & Waiting List Notification Module:

PrestaShop Pre Order & Stock Notification module enables your customers to purchase your products in advance or subscribe to product waiting list. The customers will receive an email notification when the product is back in stock.

Prestashop Store Locator with Google Maps Module:

Google Maps PrestaShop Store Locator module allows you to display your physical store locations on a separate page using Google maps. Auto detects customer location to show the nearest store. The customer can also search for the store and get driving directions.

Prestashop Gift Card - Let Users Send Gift Certificate:

Gift Card Prestashop module boosts your store revenue by allowing customers to buy gift card vouchers for their loved ones and sharing it via email. It turns your customers into affiliate marketers by bringing in more traffic and buyers.

Product Quote Module - Allow Customer to Ask For Quote:

Prestashop Quote module allows your customers to submit quotes for products and bargain for the best prices. Review request & if agreed, send a direct cart link to customers' inbox. Ability to create multiple customized quote form.

Prestashop Custom Block - Add Custom HTML, Text, Blocks Module:

Our Prestashop Custom Block module allows you to create custom HTML, text & multi-media blocks using WYSIWYG editor. Using 36 built-in hooks display blocks anywhere on home, cart, product, category & CMS pages.

Prestashop Product Tabs - Add Extra Custom Tabs Module:

Our PrestaShop Product Tabs module allows you to create multiple extra product tabs to display more information such as guides, video, policy, etc. Utilize pre-designed tabs like inquiry, video, size chart, file download or create new using WYSIWYG.

Prestashop Product Labels Module:

Prestashop Product labels module allows you to add Image & text labels on your product photos. Add rules to show label & stickers on specific products. Position labels anywhere on product images. Automatically remove them after the specific time.

Prestashop Flash Sales:

Double your sales by using Prestashop Flash sales module. Create multiple promotional offers with discounts and display them on your store. Add the countdown timer to create urgency in customers’ mind.

Prestashop Affiliate Module:

PrestaShop Affiliate module allows your customer to sign up for affiliate programs and earn a reward for referring customers. Boost your sales by enabling customers to promote your products and services and earn rewards.


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