IVF Cost in Mumbai is very reasonable, ranging from INR 2 00 000 to INR 2 20 000. However, it is an essential IVF treatment cost in Mumbai for one fresh cycle. The following are some common factors on which the cost of IVF depends. These are:

IVF Cost In Mumbai - IVF Treatment Cost In Mumbai

  1. Couple's age:Couple's age is one of the significant problems that impact the overall IVF treatment cost in Mumbai. According to medical science, women above 35 and men above 40 need a high dosage of fertility drugs because the quality of eggs and sperms start declining. It became difficult for fertility experts to fertilize with poor eggs and sperms. Hence, the fertility experts at the IVF Surrogacy clinic recommend advanced procedures for IVF when couples reach beyond their age limit for standard IVF. In some instances, couples above 35 have achieved a successful outcome using the standard IVF procedure. It is always good for couples to speak to fertility experts before planning IVF.
  2. Bodyweight: Couples must maintain their ideal body weight if planning a baby through IVF. The couple should keep their body weight as per their body mass index (BMI) to achieve a successful pregnancy through IVF. If a couple's weight is more than their BMI, then a fertility expert will give them a high fertility dosage, which increases IVF charges in Mumbai and also, success rates are not that good. So, before planning a baby through IVF, couples need to speak to their fertility expert and get themselves adequately examined.
  3. Lifestyle changes: Due to busy schedules, people get stressed and to get rid of it, they start taking harmful drugs to keep them active. However, they are not aware that these drugs can impact their fertility, and it becomes difficult for the couple to conceive a baby when they start planning to build a family. At this stage, the only option with experts left is the high fertility dosage to improve the quality of eggs and sperm, which impacts the overall IVF charges in Mumbai. The experts advise couples to quit all the harmful drugs when they are on IVF medication to achieve a successful outcome of IVF treatment.

Why the IVF Surrogacy center is considered a low-cost IVF center in Mumbai?

IVF Surrogacy center is considered a low-cost IVF center in Mumbai because here, the fertility experts aim to spread happiness in the life of childless couples instead of making a profit from them. IVF Surrogacy is a low-cost IVF center in Mumbai, but it doesn't mean that fertility professionals compromise the quality of the treatment. They are the one who offers the best & high-class quality treatment that other developed countries are offering but at minimal charges so that people from every class can easily afford the treatment & turn their dream of having a baby into reality.

What is the IVF success rate in Mumbai?

IVF success rate in Mumbai for one fresh IVF cycle is around 75 to 85% for women under 35; however, these fertility rates decrease when women reach 35. The IVF success rate in Mumbai goes down to 45 to 55% as it is the age when a women's ovarian reserve starts falling, and it becomes difficult for her to produce multiple eggs for healthy fertilization. Still, the IVF success rate in Mumbai is comparatively high than in other fertility clinics in Mumbai & worldwide. People in more significant numbers travel to Mumbai for their fertility treatment because they believe that Mumbai is a city where the chances of taking a baby in their home countries are high.

What are the other options if the first attempt of standard IVF gets failed & how much do they cost in Mumbai?

If a couple's first attempt at standard IVF fails, then fertility experts at the IVF Surrogacy clinic suggest other advanced IVF treatments that help couples conceive a baby. The following are the advanced IVF treatments in Mumbai:

  1. IVF with ICSI:It is a helpful procedure to treat male infertility issues if any. The fertility expert will directly inject a single sperm into each egg to facilitate fertilization in this procedure. Once fertilization occurs, the embryologist will implant the formed embryo into the woman's uterus & wait for the pregnancy signs. The IVF cost in Mumbai 2022 with ICSI is around INR 2 20 000.
  2. IVF with egg donor: It is a procedure that fertility experts recommend to those couples where the female partner fails to produce enough eggs in one cycle. In this procedure, the experts will borrow the eggs from young, healthy, & fertile egg donors who will be mixed with the sperm of the biological father to facilitate fertilization. The IVF cost in Mumbai 2022 with an egg donor procedure is around INR 4 00 000, including the egg donor's compensation.
  3. IVF with PGD: PGD stands for (a preimplantation genetic disorder). It is an advanced IVF procedure where fertility experts use the latest technology to screen a single cell from the formed embryo to identify the genetic disorder. IVF with PGD is a procedure that a fertility expert will perform before embryo implantation. The fertility experts recommend this procedure to couples with hereditary problems. The IVF cost in Mumbai 2022 with PGD is around INR 1 40,000.

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