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by on July 19, 2023

Have you ever had such an experience:When you go to the store alone,a male staff will check your breasts and advise you to wear a bra, it will inevitably be a bit embarrassing. Plus when there are other male customers out there, the situation becomes uncomfortable because we can't really talk much about the kind of bra we want. Its always better when there's a lady at the shop so you can explain to her your girl issues with bras and she'll suggest you the type of bra that might help, but with male staff at the stores, we can't be very open.

Because of this, some customers will choose to buy underwear online instead of offline stores.The following are most of the reasons why they chose this way:

Variety of choices and protection of privacy:
Buy the variety of colors, sizes, patterns and brands offered online, which are usually not found in stores.And there have to say is in some country the salesmen or the customers in such shops are mostly perverts who would stare at you if you happen to ask for a bigger size or sassy pattern.

Online sites are likely to give you privacy when you order your stuff, they will not showcase the items or brands on the parcel.To add more to this easy exchange and returns on the online portals will make it hassle free for you, than to argue with the salesman who would refuse to buy back or exchange in lingerie shops.You just need to make sure you know your size and type before you buy it for easy use.

Few offline stores have a size suitable for large-size crowds:
Some of them say that they actually have no choice but to buy online because no local retailer has their size, let alone a favorite brand.

They mainly buy bras online and occasionally plus size lingerie. In their area, the choice of bras is very limited. They can choose a bra with a suitable strap or cup instead of both. Not to mention that the "best" retailer is sub-par VS quality, and it is online, or nothing at all. There is indeed no underwear shop in their area that offers multiple sizes (XXS-M/L or 3XL-6XL).

Some male customers want to buy underwear:
Although some male customers bought a lot from physical stores, they did not tell them that they were specially designed for them. Online is a good choice. There are many varieties, low cost, careful packaging and convenient. Going to an underwear shop as a man and asking the salesperson or saleswoman to show more is a bit embarrassing for them and the salesperson.

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