Severn Court Student Residence
by on October 11, 2018

Almost everyone finds a certain aspect of college tough. For some people, it’s the academics; for others, the social side. Whatever challenges you face, there are ways you can ensure your success.

Attend All Your Classes

Poor attendance makes it difficult to pass classes. Not only will you have missed out on lessons but teachers often grade according to commitment. On the flip side, if you always attend and are active in class, you’ll build a rapport with your teachers, which will help you build contacts that could be critical after graduation.

Take Advantage of Everything

Classes are just the start of what college has to offer. You also have a library for study material, academic advisors, tutoring services, and other support — and this is just the academic side. If you’re finding it difficult to meet people and make friends, check out the activities, clubs, and sports teams on offer.

Set a Study Schedule

You’re expected to be independent at college. Schedule some of your free time to study what you covered in classes and to review your notes. Experiment with different study techniques to discover the best methods for you.

Find a Comfortable Place to Live

Being happy where you live will impact all facets of your life. Remember, living on campus is only one option — many students prefer to search for rooms to rent in Peterborough. Those students who do choose to live off campus need to make sure that they live close enough to Fleming College to make it to class on time.

Create Goals and Rewards

Set realistic, measurable goals. Keep pushing yourself to work a little harder and to achieve a little more every semester. When you do meet your goal, reward yourself to maintain your motivation.

Manage Your Finances

You’re on a tight budget that needs to cover your living expenses, food, books, and entertainment. Keep a close eye on your expenditures to ensure that you always have enough money for emergencies — as well as for opportunities that arise to have fun with friends.

Finding a comfortable living arrangement is one of the most important tips on this list. When you’re happy at home, it’s easier to study, relax, and socialize. For most people, this means finding off-campus student housing in Peterborough. Students have the option of Severn Court, where they can live in an affordable suite, surrounded by other people with similar interests. Best of all, the housing is walking distance from Fleming College.

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Renush Raaz
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