by on May 16, 2019

Why phpFox implement these apps?

Nowadays people love having the ability to express with reactions and post statuses with attractive backgrounds on the social site. As you may know, these features were first introduced on Facebook, one of the most popular social network sites a few years ago. They quickly become familiar with social users and encourage them to have more interactions on Facebook. Obviously, they are Must-Have key features for any social network site to increase user engagement.

Although there are similar phpFox apps on phpFox Store provided by 3rd-party experts for the phpFox web version, it is rather difficult for 3rd-party experts to integrate these features into our Native mobile apps at this time. Thus, as our announcement in the Release blog of Mobile app version 1.3, our team has decided to support these features on our Premium mobile apps by default. The release of these phpFox apps today is our preparation step for the next mobile app version 1.4

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phpFox Demo
November 8, 2020
phpFox Demo
I get your point but I so not approve. No Siry.
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phpFox Demo
February 8, 2021