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by on November 13, 2017

Many computer users contemplate over the question whether they should format their computer or not. But in the case when your computer doesn’t start, hard drive is full and occurring so many errors your computer needs to be upgraded in order to make your system fast and better.  For this we have no choice but to format it. Formatting is actually erasing hard drive. Each file that is seen on the computer is basically resided in the hard drive.

Generally window comes with system recovery disc if it is lost, then fortunately it is possible to reformate your computer without the system restore disc, but you must know the right key command to let your system access.

So here our Dell supports Australia providing you solution, by which you can easily accomplish this task. Just go ahead and follow the procedure.

  • Restart your computer by click on “start” button in order to restart your operating system.
  • Press and holdf8button while your computer starts back up. It may take couple of attempts. To restore the system screen, make sure you are doing it on the right time, there is very short time for pressing key when computer start.
  • Now you will find advance Boot option menu.
  • Go down by the help of arrow key, choose “repair your computer” then “click” on it.
  • Choose your language and click “ok” to give administrative permission.
  • You can find from the list option “dell factory image restore” click on it, then press Next.
  • Click on “yes for reformatting the hard drive, and restore system software to factory condition” click next.
  • Now your dell computer will be restored to its factory status.
  • Now you are done click “finish” on completion, restart your computer and load window.

Our experts tried to make these step very easy and simple, but it might be difficult in the case of some other glitch, so it is always better to get help from experts, our expert are here to assist you by all means, so feel free to get in touch with our experts via toll free Dell [do not allow word] 1-800-875-379

They will not only assist you but also provide you complete solution in some other similar glitch.

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