Rajesh Kumar
on April 20, 2024
Important Things to Take on a Motorcycle Trip
Welcome to our Motorcycle expedition blog. This article is all about the essentials to carry on your next bike trip. As all trips are unique and based in different country, region, climate, so packing list must be customized as per the travel destination and your custom needs.
We have divided the Complete Motorbike Trip packing list into several categories:
Motorcycle Clothing
Full Face Helmet with Clear Visor: A good quality full face helmet with clear visor is the minimum a rider should have, as it will not only protect your head, but also your face in case of a fall and also protects the rider from cold winds while riding.
UV sunglasses: As mentioned earlier, UV rays at high altitude can be quite damaging and this holds true for eyes as well. So having decent quality UV sunglasses (Fastrack ones are available for as little as Rs.800) is quite essential.
Gloves: While a good quality riding glove like Cramster Tundra is recommended for a trip to Ladakh, it is not extremely essential. Also, it is better to buy a normal insulated gloves than to buy those cheap riding gloves eg. Probiker/fake Alpinestars available on Ebay and at helmet shops, which neither offer protection in case of a fall, nor protect you from the elements. While leather gloves offer decent protection, most of the cheap ones let in a lot of air.
Riding Jacket: Though not extremely essential, however good quality riding jacket will not only protect you in case of a fall, but also from the elements. Buying a mesh riding jacket with detachable waterproof and warm liner eg. Cramster Breezer/DSG Jackets will not only ensure that you can wear it while riding in Ladakh, but also for local rides in the summers of India.
If you can’t buy a riding jacket, get a wind and water-resistant insulated jacket (easily available at most camping stores) Leather jackets while offering decent protection, often let in air and don’t withstand rain all that well. If you are unable to find a water-resistant jacket, get a normal one and a rain coat which is large enough to go over your jacket.
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