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Places Reviews

Many travel bloggers travel and review the places they stay in, the restaurants they eat in, and the local attractions that make any vacation all that more interesting. Many travel blogs are presented with the same professionalism that you would get from picking up a Vacation, an American Road magazine, or a National Geographic.

Travel Guides

Travel blogs act as guidebooks on where to book flights, trips, and tours from. They give prices and advice on the best way to get from A to B. Some travel bloggers have formed partnerships with travel agencies and booking offices and make extra revenue through affiliate marketing. This means they can offer their audience special offers and discounts.

Other travel blogs are more like personal blogs that record the daily lives of these intrepid travelers. These blogs are often accompanied by a vlog or podcast. And stunning photos. Many travel bloggers have Patreon accounts and offer their audience extra content at a small additional fee.

The goal of most bloggers today is to create a blog that they are passionate about. But they also want to get enough traffic through their site in order to create passive streams of income. Travel bloggers are no different. Besides the advice and recommendations, they often sell travel gear in the capacity of an affiliate marketer. Travel gear covers everything from camping equipment to ski accessories, surf apparel, and snowboard gear to photographic equipment. This helps them to finance the running of their travel blogs, and it keeps them traveling. If you want to learn how to make money blogging, or how to make money online check out my articles.

The most popular blogs about travel are ones with great photos. A good picture transports a visitor to the site, into that world where the picture was taken. So often travel blogs are for the pure pleasure of seeing the beauty of the world around us, through the lens of a traveler.

Can I Start a Travel Blog Even If I Don’t Travel?

This is a good question. Of course, you can! Perhaps you have traveled extensively before, or maybe you just love the idea of finding new places, experiencing new cultures and tasting exotic foods. If your passion for travel is there, you will always be able to create good content for your audience. You could even network and offer travel bloggers the opportunity to cover certain topics as guest bloggers. “A Luxury Travel Blog” is the perfect example of a travel blog like this.

The aim of every blog is to create good content. So whether you are sitting under a tree, or blogging from an office desk it makes no difference. Deliver content that is helpful, entertaining, accurate, and light-hearted, with a dash of humor and you’ll be A-for-away!. As long as you are offering your core audience what they want, you will get your blog to grow over time.

Who Is The Target Audience For Travel Blogs?

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Whichever blogging niche you choose, it’s important to identify who you are writing for, so you can create content specifically for the micro-niche within your chosen niche. Travel blogs are very similar to lifestyle blogs, in that they cover a wide range of topics. Travel blogs cover everything from places to stay, foods to eat, recipes to make, places to see, things to do, and people to meet. You will find a blend of food, travel, photography, and practical advice. And the target audience can be quite broad in some cases.

Small groups of niche audiences

Some travel blogs are geared towards solo female travelers. Others are aimed at solo male travelers. There are travel blogs that focus on family travel and RV travel. Other travel blogs focus on road trips within the States, road trips abroad, camping vacations, walking vacations (yes that’s a thing), cycling holidays, sailing getaways, traveling by cruise liner, traveling on a budget, traveling in style, traveling with a friend, or a bunch of friends. Snowboarding, surfing, skiing, kite-surfing, and even kayaking holidays are extremely popular. All the people who gear up for these unique holiday experiences form small groups of niche audiences that travel bloggers can cover with ease.

If the travel blogger loves photography, you may find excellent advice on how to take travel photos. If the travel blogger loves food, you may find that blog sprinkled with delicious offerings from around the globe. Or if they travel as a lifestyle choice, you may find good reviews on RV’s, sailboats, camping gear, and a whole host of other practical guidelines.

There is going to be a travel blog to cover all these topics. And if there isn’t well, then you have found a perfect gap for creating your own niche within the travel blogosphere.

If you are reading this for travel tips and ideas, enjoy! And thanks for being here.

What Makes A Travel Blog Successful?

But if you are reading this for inspiration to start your own blog then pay attention to the following areas in each of these featured Travel Blogs.

  • What do the layouts have in common? The layout should feel spacious and organized. Is the About Page informative and authentic?
  • Does it have a catchy title? Does the title translate well into a domain name?
  • Can you read it across multiple devices? The theme must be responsive to and cater to mobiles, tablets, PCs, and laptops.
  • Look at what each blog focuses on. Who is the target audience?
  • Is the blog monetized? If so, how is it monetized?
  • Can you see yourself blogging about travel for the next five years, at least?

Travel blogs are popular because they cater to everyone that wants to travel as well as those who just want to indulge in the fantasy of travel!

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