The surrogacy cost in India is the information everyone who is seeking surrogacy wants to know. To have surrogacy everyone wants the full detail. But where can they find the whole information?

It is only at India Health Tour where everyone can have every detail of surrogacy in India. First of all surrogacy is a reproductive treatment. In this another woman carries and delivers the baby for the couple. The baby will belong to the couple. The woman who gave birth to the baby is the surrogate mother. And the surrogate mother cannot have the parental rights of the baby.

Here is the other information of surrogacy charges in India:

How much does surrogacy cost in India?

The cost of surrogacy in India in rupees is INR 15,00,000 to INR 25,00,000. This is the price of the treatment. The doctors are not asking more than what will be spent on the procedure.

At first this surrogacy process cost in India may seem a large amount. However, this is not true. Surrogacy is one of the major reproductive treatments. It has multiple stages in its process. All those stages cost a different amount and together they form the total cost of surrogacy in India.

Other than this there is no surrogate mother cost in India. As surrogate compensation has a ban here.

What affects the surrogacy cost in India?

There are multiple factors that can affect the charges of surrogacy in India. The first factors is the donor eggs and sperm cost. When the couple’s gametes are not fertile doctors can suggest the use of donor eggs and sperm. The cost of donor eggs is INR 1,50,000 to INR 2,00,000.

The next factor is advance treatments that go along with surrogacy. Once the health of the couple is not good they may need the advance treatments during their surrogacy. These treatments are ICSI, IUI, TESE, PGD etc. The cost of these treatments can increase the surrogacy cost in Delhi.

Which centre has the best surrogacy cost in India?

India Health Tour is the best fertility centre in India that has the most reasonable surrogacy cost in India. Here they only ask for what the spending of the procedure is.

Other than this the success rate of surrogacy in India is so high that rarely failures happen. No failure here means the couple does not have to pay for the multiple attempts of the surrogacy. This saves their money.

Additionally, the doctors here give first free counselling. Counselling and the medical examination are important to know if the couple really needs surrogacy. There can be a chance that the couple can have a baby through other advance treatments.

Can we lower our total surrogacy cost in India by ourselves?

To get the cheapest surrogacy in India people wants to learn the ways to lower the cost by themselves.

There is only one way the couple can lower the surrogacy cost in India 2023. They should take care of their health and the surrogate’s health.

If the health of the couple is good then their gametes might be fertile too. This way they will not have to pay for the donor eggs and sperm. Next, good health of the couples saves them from the advance treatments’ costs too.

Additionally, if the couple’s take care of the surrogate’s needs then the surrogate might not face any issue. This way the surrogacy will go easily, and save them quite a lot of cost.

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