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Having eye-catching covers and graphics for your digital items is essential for sales and branding in today's competitive online market. However, employing designers can grow pricey, and DIY projects frequently need aesthetic abilities that not everyone possesses.

Because of this, eCoverly strives to be the best cover-creation tool for non-designers. With eCoverly, anyone can create a professional-looking cover in a matter of minutes thanks to its extensive template library, drag-and-drop editor, and an array of editing options.

Recently, eCoverly became available to me, allowing me to make covers for my own digital products. In this in-depth review, I'll discuss how eCoverly functions, its unique features, the industries it best serves, and, most importantly, whether or not it actually produces high-converting covers.


An Inside Look at eCoverly's Use

I was eager to start creating covers for my lead magnets, ebooks, and online courses after shelling out $67 for eCoverly. Because it is a cloud-based platform, there are no downloads necessary to get started. 

The user interface is clear, contemporary, and simple to use. The style and features of eCoverly are so simple that I quickly figured out how to utilize it.

I started by looking through their extensive collection of customizable design templates, which included over 290. There are 250 2D flat templates and 40 animated 3D templates covering every conceivable market.

I selected a 3D ebook cover template, and then launched the drag-and-drop editor. Each component of the cover was entirely customizable and easily editable by me:

- Modify fonts, colors, and sizes 

- Modify, resize, or move text and image

- Include my personal images and graphics  

- Modify the effects and transparency

- Make objects rotate or move

I finished making my lead magnet's beautiful 3D animated cover in about ten minutes. The final product was seamless, captivating visually, and guaranteed to draw attention.

I then attempted using one of their templates to create a flat 2D ebook cover. Again, the simple editing tools made altering the design quick and easy. No artistic ability is necessary.

I used eCoverly to create two expert covers for my digital items in less than 30 minutes overall. I was able to create high-quality covers quickly thanks to the extensive template library and simple drag-and-drop editing.


Key Characteristics and Advantages of eCoverly

I investigated all the capabilities that eCoverly provides businesses and entrepreneurs after making a few initial sample covers. Some of the main advantages are as follows:

- 300+ Design Templates - You don't have to start from zero. Pick from a huge selection of already completed designs in all markets.

- Fluid Animations - 3D covers have polished, fluid animations that draw viewers in.

- Huge Image Library - Access to tens of thousands of photographs, shapes, vectors, drawings, and graphics.

- Intuitive Editor - With only a few clicks, resize, recolor, reposition, rotate, and apply filters and effects.

- Drag-and-Drop Design - By dragging, dropping, and editing items, anyone may modify templates. 

Choose from books, tablets, phones, and other models to match your product from more than 100 3D cover models.

- Detailed video tutorials With the aid of helpful walkthroughs, beginners may easily begin designing right away.

- Commercial License: Use covers for customers and even charge others for cover design services.

- 100% Money-Back Guarantee - If you aren't completely happy, get a full refund within 30 days.

With all these capabilities, eCoverly appears to enable business owners and small companies to create high-converting covers without any technological expertise in just a few minutes. But might it actually increase sales? It's time for a test run...


eCoverly Covers are being tested for sales conversions  

I had to compare the potential impact of eCoverly covers to those of my current digital product covers in order to fully assess their potential. 

I used the eCoverly program to produce an animated 3D ebook cover for my main information product as my first test. I kept everything else the same, but I replaced my previous static ecover with this new dynamic one.

In comparison to my old flat cover, the eCoverly ebook cover raised my sales conversion rate by 29% over the course of a week of promotions. Undoubtedly, the high-quality animated ecover caught people's attention and encouraged additional sales.

I conducted A/B split testing using eCoverly covers versus my current designs for other items in order to verify this outcome. Every time, the gorgeous eCoverly covers outperformed by a wide margin.  

These real-world tests show that even for complete amateurs, the software can produce high-converting covers that appeal to audiences and generate sales. Anyone can create attractive covers with the help of the drag-and-drop editor, which increases sales.


Reviews of eCoverly by Actual Users

Beyond my personal testing, I was interested in hearing from other business owners about their experiences creating covers with eCoverly. Here are some verifiable user testimonials:

I utilized eCoverly to update my lead magnet covers as a health blogger and noticed a 26% increase in opt-in conversions. I now employ it for all of my giveaways and promotions.

"I used eCoverly templates to create new, contemporary covers for my online cookery courses. After changing the covers, enrollments rose by almost 20% in just one month. 

"I produce covers for each episode as a podcast producer. With eCoverly, creating stunning covers that capture each show's theme is quite easy.

"The premium eCoverly covers give my ebooks and PDF manuals a polished, expert appearance. The covers are often praised by readers.

It appears that eCoverly gave them the ability to swiftly create covers that increase engagement and increase sales of digital goods across a variety of businesses.


eCoverly's ideal clients

With its extensive digital-specific collection, eCoverly appears to be particularly useful for:

Create 3D animated ebook covers for authors of eBooks to increase sales.

- Bloggers and influencers - Appealing lead magnet and opt-in page coverings 

Modern course and membership covers course creators

Visual coverings for online tools and apps are available from software and SaaS companies.

Podcasters that want original artwork for their shows

Impressive program, book, and PDF covers for consultants and coaches

- Agencies - Quickly create attractive covers for customers

Even seasoned business owners are moving to eCoverly covers for the increase in sales and to stop wasting time on DIY design. It's an inexpensive technique to obtain outcomes of a high caliber.


Conclusion of the eCoverly Review: Is It Worth Purchasing?

eCoverly sounds like a no-brainer for anyone selling ebooks, courses, tools, or other digital content:

One-time payment of less than $70 

Simple for complete novices

Covers take less than ten minutes.

Significantly boosts conversion rates

A full refund is offered.

Reduces design fees by hundreds 

My in-person testing and user feedback have shown that eCoverly consistently produces compelling and profitable covers. The template library and user-friendly editor make creating covers quick and easy for non-designers.

eCoverly is unquestionably worthwhile for use by digital entrepreneurs and small enterprises looking to increase branding and sales. It's a wise investment because to the inexpensive startup costs and possible revenue benefits.

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