IVF cost in India  is one of the fertility treatments that has become popular in the world because of its high success rate and affordable cost. This treatment has many steps in it which should only be performed by the best centre. The process of IVF is such as the fertilization of the gametes happens outside the female body. For this the doctors will collect the gametes of the couple then combine them to form an embryo and later transfer that embryo into the female uterus. Such a complicated process leads to high cost. However, the IVF cost in India is the most affordable as the centres providing this treatment are all here to help couples. Therefore, everyone should look for IVF cost in India.

How much does IVF cost in India?

Now that we know to look for the IVF cost India we should know how much does it cost. The IVF cost in India is INR 1, 70,000 to INR 2, 20,000. This is a reasonable cost that the best centre is providing. The fertility centres in India only ask for what they will be spending on the couple. If the couple needs to use the donor gametes, advanced treatments and the multiple attempts then their IVF cost will increase as the costs of these would add up in it. Still, this is the most genuine cost, because most of the centres ask for a cost according to what they are providing. If their services and facilities are different then their costs would be different too.

What affects the IVF cost in India?

There are many factors that can affect the IVF treatment cost in India. We need to learn about these factors or else we would not know how our affordable cost is increasing. Therefore, below here we will talk about them. The first factor to affect the cost of IVF in India is the location wise cost. Everyone knows there are different cities in India and each city has their different cost. Therefore, which location the couple chooses can affect their cost of IVF in Delhi India.

Moreover, the second factor to affect the IVF cost is the hospital charge. We know there are many IVF centres in India and each one of their charge is different according to what services and facilities they are providing to their patients. Therefore, which centre they are going to choose for their treatment will affect the cost of it.

Which centre provides the best IVF cost in India?

As we already know there are many fertility centres in India we should be aware that not every one of them is the best centre. This means that not every one of those clinics will provide a low cost of IVF in India. The only centre to provide affordable IVF cost in Delhi is India Health Tour. This centre is here to spread the awareness of the fertility treatments that is why they always provide the affordable costs. Firstly, they provide free counselling over the video function. This way people who do not know what is good for them and who just want to receive information regarding treatments before considering going to see the centre, would be able to have this information free of cost.

Moreover, they have the best IVF package cost in India. Also, the IVF procedure cost in India and IVF injections cost in India here are affordable too. The IVF success rates at this centre are high which leave no chance for the couple to use the multiple attempts, which saves the cost of it.

How to lower the IVF cost in India?

There are many ways to lower the IVF treatment cost in India. Here we will learn them so that we do not let our cost increase. The first point of focus should be to select the best centre which is not far away from the couple’s home. This is because only the best centre would be able to provide a low IVF injection cost and IVF price in India. Moreover, if this centre is not far away from the couple’s home then they would not have to travel back and forth and waste money in travel expenses. The same goes with accommodation expenses. Since the clinic would be nearby they would not have to stay at any hotel throughout their treatment.

Another point that can help the couple receive a low IVF cost in India Delhi is by managing good health. Only when the couple has good health will their treatment success would be high. High treatment success rates means the couple would not have to waste money in advance treatments, donor gametes and multiple attempts use. Therefore, this will save the cost for them.

What is the IVF success rate in India?

Till now we talked about the IVF cost in India 2023. However, now we should proceed to talk about the IVF success rates in India. Everyone knows if a treatment is not successful then there would be no point in having that treatment. After all without a high success that treatment would be a failure. That means all the money, time and efforts spend on it would go to waste. Therefore, it is necessary to have a treatment that is successful.

The IVF success rate in India with the use of self gametes is 60% to 70%. This success rate would increase more if the couple has to use the donor gametes. Beside IVF there are other fertility treatments too, such as IUI, ICSI and surrogacy. The IUI success rate in India is also around 60% while the ICSI is around 75%. Meanwhile surrogacy success rate in India is 90%. This is because in surrogacy another female has to carry and delivery the baby. Whereas, in IVF treatment in India people only have to worry about their health. As long as their health is good they will be receive a high success.

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