If you're aiming to crack the UPSC exam with Public Administration optional without coaching, Ashutosh Pandey Sir from ProdEgyIAS recommends a structured self-study plan. Start by understanding the syllabus and exam pattern thoroughly.


Consider these key points to prepare pub ad optional with self-study:


  1. Study Material: Gather relevant books and also use online resources like ProdEgyIAS's video lectures and study materials curated by Ashutosh Pandey Sir.


  1. Previous Years' Papers: Analyze past year's pub ad question papers to understand the pattern and type of questions asked. This helps in focusing your preparation on important topics.


  1. Mock Tests: Regularly take mock tests to assess your preparation level and identify areas of improvement. ProdEgyIAS offers a public administration mock test series designed by Ashutosh Pandey Sir himself.


  1. Answer Writing Practice: Practice writing answers within the word limit and time constraints. Seek feedback from mentors or peers to improve your writing skills.


  1. Current Affairs: Stay updated with current affairs related to Public Administration, governance, and policies. Follow newspapers, magazines, and online portals like the ProdEgyIAS website for this purpose.


  1. Consistent Revision: Regular revision is crucial to retain what you've learned. Create concise public administration notes and revise them periodically.


In conclusion, with dedication, proper guidance, and the right approach, you can excel in Public Administration optional without coaching for the UPSC exam. Trust in the expertise of Ashutosh Pandey Sir to navigate through the complexities of the subject and achieve success in your endeavour.



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