Unlike traditional puzzle games, watermelon game is a very hot merge game recently. Arrange identical fruits and they will merge, growing into larger and more complex watermelons. The bigger the watermelon, the higher your score! The core objective of the Watermelon Game revolves around creating seductive chain reactions by combining identical fruits.

How to play Watermelon Game:

  • Place fruit: Your task is simple but no less attractive. Take turns placing different types of fruit anywhere in the designated playing area.
  • Merge mechanism: Magic happens when identical fruits are placed close to each other. Watch them merge into a larger and more complex watermelon, adding a dynamic and visually appealing element to the game.
  • Ultimate goal: Although the main goal is to produce the optimal watermelon, the challenge lies in maintaining balance. Careful placement is important, as too much fruit falling will result in a game over.
  • Scoring watermelons: Not all fruits are equal. The ultimate fruit – watermelon – not only symbolizes success but also gives you the highest score.
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