BIGBANG is a group that consists of five members including G-DRAGON, TAEYANG, T.O.P, DAESUNG, and SEUNGRI that is recognized for their musical ability to appeal to the general public and also playing a significant role as the leaders of K-pop. Since their debut in 2006, BIGBANG has been arousing listeners with their powerful music while also bringing out their emotions with sentimental melodies by producing their own music that is unique in their own color.    On December 12, 2016, BIGBANG's new full album "MADE" was finally released. "MADE" was the album that marks the grand finale of the "M", "A", "D", and "E" singles that displayed BIGBANG's endless growth as a musician. By setting many records of being the first, best and the most in various areas with ‘MADE,’ BIGBANG proved once again of their presence as the top group in Korea’s music scene.  The boys who once said that they are the happiest when the five of them are together have become artists celebrating their 11th year. Although it is unfortunate that fans will not be able to see BIGBANG in their complete form for a little while, the members will continue to present their limitless potential and talents as solo artists in the near future.  
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Yolo means 'You only live once'. Live your life to the fullest.
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Ask anyone who’s ever travelled solo, and they probably wouldn’t want to adventure any other way. It might be daunting at first, and it’s certainly simpler for some people than it is for others. But spending time alone on the road is among the most rewarding travel experiences out there. Whether it’s a long trip around the world or a habit of solitary weekend jaunts, here are 10 things everybody learns while travelling alone:   1. You always return home with lots of new friends Ever noticed that you’re more likely to ask one person for directions than you are to ask a group of people? Solos are more approachable, plain and simple. Lone travellers learn that the benefits of this are twofold: not only will other travellers feel far more comfortable introducing themselves to you, but it’s actually easier for you to strike up conversation with others as well. 2. You can engage with locals on a level that only solo travellers can You know that local folks are more open, and definitely more curious, when it’s only you walking into that hole-in-the-wall café, or sampling the pungent flavours of that roadside food stall. From a heartfelt conversation on a rickety train, to suddenly having a network of genial families happy to host you for a night, you know none of these incredible experiences would have been possible if you’d been travelling with others.   3. You’re free to adventure as you please, and it feels awesome There is no need to compromise when travelling alone. No need to appease a friend’s unfortunate craving for an overpriced burger and fries, or their incessant complaints about mosquito bites in a jungle where you’re on travel cloud 9. As a lonesome wanderer you travel where you want, when and however you want to – all with a liberating degree of indulgence. 4. You gain a deep understanding of the destinations you’ve visited Travel offers; book through Rough Guides securityTravel insurance   location_cityHotels   hotelHostels   directions_carCar rental   infoTours Travelling solo, you’re more immersed in your surroundings. You notice the unique quirks, and subtle character that truly makes a place what it is. But walk around the same street chatting with an old friend, and your mind is often immersed elsewhere. 5. There is something liberating about travelling to a place where no one knows you For some, travelling alone is like a fresh start. Or a temporary escape from the life-baggage you’re forced to lug around back home. That’s not to say you’re a different person when abroad, but you may notice how much that therapeutic anonymity has changed you by the time you return home. 6. Alone time is healthy and we rarely get enough of it Time spent alone and unplugged forces you to really reflect on your life back home, your recent experiences on the road and the direction things are headed. Some of those thoughts aren’t always pleasant to deal with, but solo travellers know that even if solitude is a struggle at times, they’re stronger because of it. 7. Distance makes you appreciate the important people in your life Distance makes you appreciate the people who matter most in your life back home. Especially those you’ve taken for granted. Far away and alone, you’re reminded to make the most of every second with loved ones when you return. 8. Distance teaches you that some people who you thought were important, really aren’t The same distance can also make you realise that some people in your life aren’t quite as important as you thought they were. Be they a bad influence, a toxic love or a fair-weather friend, it’s not always a welcome realisation. But it’s usually for the best.
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Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has been selected to be the CEO of Uber by the company's board, a source close to the company has confirmed to Business Insider. Uber has not yet publicly announced the news – apparently Khosrowshahi hasn't officially accepted the offer. But a spokesperson did say, "The Board has voted and will announce the decision to the employees first," reports Recode's Kara Swisher.
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I miss the days to the sweet lie  I miss the conversation  I’m such a fool of song tonight  I’m changing all of the stations  I like to think through, we had it all  We drove 'em out to 'em better days  But I’m not running I’m super fun  Oh baby why did you run away
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