by on February 12, 2024

The Eicher 380 4wd Prima G3 tractor is a superior choice for farmers in India, offering unbeatable power and performance. With its Simpson water-cooled engine and High Torque-Fuel Saver technology, this 40 HP tractor provides increased efficiency and fuel savings. This tractor stands out with its bold and elegant looks, featuring a distinct aerodynamic hood, a single-piece bonnet, and a bold grille with 3D technology cooling. Its CombiTorq Transmission system ensures optimal pairing of the engine and the transaxle, while the multispeed offers four different options for compatibility with various applications. The Eicher 380 4wd Prima G3 tractor also prioritizes safety and convenience, with its walk-me-home feature that provides an illuminated path at night. It offers a clear all-around view for confident maneuvering and comfortable seating. What sets this tractor apart is its affordability. With a price range starting from Rs. 7.80 - 8.10 lakh* in India, the Eicher 380 4wd Prima G3 offers advanced features and modern design at a reasonable price.

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