Why should we look for any IVF centre in Afghanistan?

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is a fertility treatment very famous in the world for its high success rate and affordable cost. Nowadays with infertility, people are in need of such fertility treatments. However, what they need to know besides this is where they should have this treatment. It is Afghanistan, a desirable choice for everyone to have their fertility treatments. First and foremost the doctors in Afghanistan take care of their female patients. Moreover, the best IVF centre in Afghanistan is the only choice for people. Because this centre provides every service and facility for the success of the treatment. Also, every treatment here has a safe procedure. Therefore, people should choose Afghanistan for their treatment than other countries.

IVF Centre in Afghanistan

Which is the best IVF centre in Afghanistan?

There are many IVF centres in Afghanistan where people can receive fertility treatments. However, the question is not about where we can receive these treatments. Instead, it is about where these treatments would be received in the best way. The only place to provide them with treatments safely yet successfully is the best IVF clinic in Afghanistan which is World Fertility Services. This centre is the best centre that has many different ways and facilities to help every couple. The reasons why everyone should choose this centre are given below:

· They best and most suitable treatments with a safe process.

· Knows the importance of personalized procedures and compassionate care.

· Have high technology with leads to high-tech equipment and various techniques.

· Doctors here are all experts, specialists with varying skills and methods.

· Staff members here are all professionals with friendly manners.

· Affordable prices of every treatment with high success rates.

· Free video counselling in which an expert explains everything to couples.

What benefits does the best IVF centre in Afghanistan provide?

The best centre of IVF in Afghanistan would always provide many benefits to their patients and visitors. Here we will learn about these benefits so that people know what to look for in a clinic and centre. The first benefit provided by the best centre is the priority of safety. Yes, a centre should and must always prioritize the safety of the couple over the success of the treatment. However, not every centre is able to do that under the pressure of increasing their success rates. Therefore, couples must choose the best centre as only it can help with this.

The second benefit of the best centre is that they have affordable prices. Therefore, they will provide affordable IVF treatment in Afghanistan. This means they will give a low IVF cost in Afghanistan to all of their patients. The third benefit of this centre is that it has high success of the treatments while following all rules and regulations. The success of a treatment is necessary because without it a treatment is bound to fail, which would make all the money, time and efforts spent on that treatment go to waste. Therefore, this best centre providing high success rates is a benefit for everyone.

What procedure of IVF does the best IVF centre in Afghanistan use?

It is necessary to know what the process is of a treatment that the people are going to have. Every centre has a different way of performing a treatment. Some would use high technology while others would use the bare minimum to provide the cheapest IVF in Afghanistan. Therefore, here we will learn about the IVF process in brief. The first step of this process always starts with the medical examination of the couple. Doctors will run some tests and ultrasounds to understand their infertility issues and body condition. Then they will recommend a treatment which is suitable for them. After which comes the counselling by an expert.

In the next step, doctors will inject hormonal medicines into the woman to increase the growth of her ovaries. Later during her ovulation period, these doctors will retrieve her egg while also collecting the sperm of the male partner. Once done with this they will combine the gametes to form an embryo. After observing the embryo for 2–3 days they will transfer it into the female uterus. Now all that remains is the pregnancy test to know if the treatment was successful or not. For this, the couple would have to come to the clinic after 2 weeks.

What is the IVF success rate in Afghanistan?

Now that we are clear about the ways of the best IVF hospital in Afghanistan, we should start learning about their IVF success rates too. The IVF success rate in Afghanistan is around 60% to 70%. This is the most high success rate when considering the infertility issues of the couple. However, couples must always keep in mind that only the centre is not responsible for this success rate. The couple is as much responsible as the centre. For example, if the couple is not serious about their diet and health then they will be ruining their health which will not let their body adapt to the treatment. This way obviously they are going to affect the success rate too.

Besides it there is the age of the couple can affect the success of a treatment too. Everyone knows at a younger age our bodies are much more fertile than as we keep growing. However, that does not mean older people would not be able to receive any success at all. It would be a little hard but surely with the help of these fertility treatments, they will be able to receive success.

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