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In today's online market, it's important for sales and branding that your digital goods have eye-catching covers and graphics. But it can be expensive to hire a creator, and many DIY tools require artistic skills that not everyone has.

Because of this, eCoverly wants to be the best way for people who aren't artists to make book covers. With eCoverly's huge library of templates, drag-and-drop designer, and set of editing tools, anyone can make a professional-looking cover in just a few minutes.

I just recently learned that I could use eCoverly to make covers for my own digital goods. In this thorough review, I'll tell you how eCoverly works, what its best features are, what kinds of businesses it's best for, and, most importantly, if it really does make high-converting covers.


How to Use eCoverly from the Inside

I was excited to start designing covers for my lead magnets, ebooks, and online classes as soon as I paid $67 for eCoverly. Since the app is in the cloud, you don't need to download anything to get started. Just sign in to get started. 

The design is easy to use, clean, and up-to-date. I quickly learned how to use eCoverly because the layout and choices are so easy to understand.

To start, I looked through their huge template library, which had over 290 design templates that were ready to be changed. There are 250 2D flat templates and 40 animated 3D designs for every possible niche.

I picked one of the 3D ebook cover templates and went straight to the drag-and-drop editor. I was able to change and adjust every part of the cover without any problems:

- Change the styles, colors, and sizes 

- Change the size, position, or shape of pictures and text

- I want to upload my own pictures and images  

- Change the impact and transparency

- Make things move or spin.

I made a cool 3D animation cover for my lead magnet in less than 10 minutes. The effect was smooth, interesting to look at, and sure to get people's attention.

Next, I used one of their models to try making a flat, two-dimensional cover for an ebook. Again, the easy-to-use editing tools made it quick and simple to change the design. No need to be an artist.

With eCoverly, I made two professional covers for my digital goods in less than 30 minutes. I could make high-quality covers quickly thanks to the large library of templates and the easy drag-and-drop editing.


What eCoverly Does and Why It's Useful

After making some trial covers, I looked into all of eCoverly's business and entrepreneur-friendly features. Here are a few of the most important ones:

- More than 300 design templates. No need to start from scratch. You can choose from a huge number of ready-made themes in all kinds of niches.

- Smooth Animations: The animations on 3D covers are smooth and polished, which keeps people's attention.

- Huge Image Library: You can use thousands of images, vectors, photos, shapes, and other drawings.

- Easy-to-use editor: change the size, color, position, and rotation of an image, and add filters and effects with just a few clicks.

- Drag-and-drop design: Anyone can change the look of a template by dragging and dropping parts and making changes to them. 

- More than 100 3D cover models to choose from, such as books, computers, mobile phones, and more.

Step-by-step video lessons Useful walkthroughs make it easy for people who are new to creating to get started quickly.

- Commercial License: Use covers for clients and even sell cover creation services to other people.

- 100% Money-Back Guarantee: If you aren't happy, you can get your money back in full within 30 days.

With all of these features, eCoverly seems to give entrepreneurs and small businesses the tools they need to make high-converting covers in minutes without having to know anything about technology. But would it really help boost sales? Time to put it to the test...


Testing eCoverly Covers to See How Well They Sell  

I had to put eCoverly covers up against the covers I already had for my digital products to see how well they worked. 

For my first test, I used the eCoverly program to make an animated 3D ebook cover for my best information product. I switched my old static cover for this new dynamic one, but everything else stayed the same.

During a week of advertising, the eCoverly ebook cover helped me sell 29% more books than my old flat cover. Clearly, the high-quality animation ecover got more people to buy the book.

I did A/B split tests with eCoverly covers and my current designs for other goods to make sure this was true. Each time, the beautiful eCoverly cases did much better than expected.  

These real-world tests show that anyone can use the software to make high-converting covers that connect with crowds and sell. With the drag-and-drop designer, anyone can make professional-looking covers that help sell more books.


Real Users Talk About eCoverly

I tested eCoverly myself, but I also wanted to know how other entrepreneurs had used it to make covers. Here are some real reviews from customers:

"As a health writer, I used eCoverly to redesign the covers of my lead magnets, and the number of people who signed up for them went up by 26%. I now use it for all my giveaways and promotions!"

"I used eCoverly templates to make new, modern covers for my online cooking classes. After changing the covers, the number of applicants went up by more than 20% in just one month!" 

"I make covers for each podcast show because I make them. eCoverly makes it easy to make covers that look great and fit the theme of each show."

"The high-quality covers from eCoverly make my PDF guides and ebooks look professional and top-notch. Covers are always praised by readers."

People in many different fields seem to agree that eCoverly made it easy to make covers that increase engagement and help sell more digital goods.


Best People to Use eCoverly

With its large digital library, eCoverly seems to be most useful for:

- eBook Authors: Make 3D moving book covers that sell more copies

- Bloggers and influencers: eye-catching covers for lead magnets and opt-ins 

- Course Creators: Covers for online classes and memberships with a modern look

- Software and SaaS Companies - Covers for web apps and tools that are visually appealing

Podcasters: Each podcast show should have its own artwork

- Consultants and coaches: Covers for programs, books, and PDFs that look great

-Agencies: It's easy to make good covers for customers

Even experienced business owners are switching to eCoverly covers because they increase sales. They no longer waste time trying to build their own covers. It's a cheap way to get results that look professional.


eCoverly Review: Does It Make Sense to Buy?

eCoverly seems like the best choice for anyone who sells ebooks, classes, tools, or other digital content:

One-time payments of less than $70 

Easy for first-timers

It takes less than 10 minutes to cover.

Greatly increases the number of sales

You can get all of your money back.

Saves a lot of money on planning costs 

From what I've seen and heard from users, it's clear that eCoverly makes high-quality covers that attract readers and sell books. The template library and easy-to-use editor make it quick and easy for people who aren't artists to make a cover.

eCoverly is a great tool for digital companies and small businesses that want to improve their brand and sales. It's a smart investment because it doesn't cost much to start up and could bring in more money from sales.

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