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In the last decade, social media has become more and more popular for any individual or organization. Things and humans are now able to interact with the world more easily. According to social media statistics, the number of social network users has reached 3.5 billion, equivalent to 46% of the total world population. A person spends an average of 2.6 hours a day using social networking sites. Using social networking sites bring great benefits to our life, but first, we need to define social media advantages and disadvantages. Below are the pros and cons that most people using social media are familiar with


Education Support 

Many educational technology experts have advocated the use of online social networks in the educational process, and also emphasized the advantages of technology. The growth of social networking sites and a general interest in students brought attention to the use of internet resources to establish distance learning.

International Connectivity 

We can use social media to communicate with others and exchange information. It’s the connection that unites us all, and it’s readily available.

Online Marketing

Creating relationships with your customers allows them more willing to utilize the services. Social networking is one of the best places to stay connected and keep involved with your customers. 

Fast Way of Spreading Information

Social media’s biggest benefit is that you refresh yourself with the new worldwide happenings. Television and print media are typically skewed these days and don’t deliver the real meaning. After doing any analysis, you will acquire the truth and accurate knowledge with the help of social media.

Building Different Communities

Since there are different interests and beliefs in our world, social networking allows us to create and engage in the community of each own interest and belief. In the same way, people from different communities can interact to discuss and share related issues. 



Sometimes, social networking accounts can be attacked by hackers, resulting in personal information being leaked. This has caused a lot of serious consequences for users. It is also a painful problem that social network operators are still struggling to find a radical solution.


The addictive aspect of social media is really negative and can even disrupt personal lives. Teenagers are the most impacted by social networking use. They get very extensively involved and are eventually cut off from society. It can also waste time on an individual basis that could have been used for productive works and activities.

Health Issues

Social media addiction can also have a negative impact on health. Since exercise is the key to staying healthy, most people get unmotivated due to the excessive use of social networking sites. Which, as a result, causes disorder in a daily routine. This discovery research will shock you by showing how bad the use of social media can affect your health.

Family Intimacy Reduction

Texting, browsing on the Phone, etc. divides people from our family more than we really know. In reality, when a family spends time together and watching a film, most kids are on their phones instead of enjoying the film with their parent.


In conclusion, social media will bring great benefits if we use it for appropriate purposes in reasonable ways within a reasonable amount of time. Try to define social media advantages and disadvantages to use it most effectively.


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