Harry Johnson
by on September 19, 2023

The Laser Digital Bitcoin Adoption Fund is meticulously designed to provide long-only exposure to the world's leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. It has chosen Komainu as its trusted and regulated custody partner. Part of the Laser Digital Funds Segregated Portfolio Company, this fund is duly registered as a mutual fund under the watchful eye of the Cayman Islands Regulatory Authority.

Sebastien Guglietta, Head of Laser Digital Asset Management, emphasizes Bitcoin's pivotal role in driving profound and enduring transformative change. Long-term exposure to Bitcoin is heralded as a strategic means for investors to capture the sweeping macro trend reshaping the financial landscape.

While this marks the debut of Nomura's Bitcoin adoption fund, the Japanese financial giant has been actively engaging with the digital asset ecosystem for some time. As far back as September 2022, Nomura established its digital asset venture capital arm to maintain its pioneering position in digital innovation. In August of the same year, Nomura's crypto arm, Laser Digital, secured a license from Dubai's Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA) to operate within the country.

The launch of the long-only Bitcoin Adoption Fund in Japan coincides with a growing emphasis on Bitcoin-based investment products within regulated and mainstream financial institutions. Notably, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission has granted approval for two Bitcoin-based futures exchange-traded funds (ETFs), while decisions regarding spot Bitcoin ETFs are currently under deliberation. Beyond the U.S., Canada and Europe have also sanctioned a range of Bitcoin-focused investment products in recent years. Stay informed as the landscape of institutional Bitcoin adoption continues to evolve, shaping the future of finance.

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