Go IVF Surrogacy is an affordable surrogacy hospital in Bangalore for people who do not wish to spend much on fertility treatments but want to enjoy their parenthood phase at a reasonable cost. Go IVF is the best surrogacy hospital in Bangalore, where the dream of infertile couples comes true because of the fertility experts who are highly qualified and trained professionals with more than two decades of experience in treating infertility issues. The experts at this centre use the latest and advanced technologies to perform infertility procedures, and that too at a reasonable cost so that people worldwide can avail the benefits and can enjoy their parental hood.

How is surrogacy in Bangalore Quora performed?

Surrogacy in Bangalore Quora is an advanced procedure in which experts collect the eggs and sperm of the biological parents to perform an IVF procedure first. When the embryo develops, the skilled embryologist will implant it into the surrogate mother’s uterus to establish a successful conception. The couples must visit a surrogacy hospital in Bangalore with their surrogate mother for a pregnancy test, which will be conducted after 14 days of embryo transfer. The expert performs an ultrasound scan to listen to the infant’s heartbeat, and if everything is normal, then the pregnancy is confirmed, and the surrogate mother needs to rest properly until the baby delivers. Also, the surrogate mother cannot make any travel plans during the surrogacy treatment.

How much is the Surrogacy cost in Bangalore for people looking to have a baby through fertility treatment?

The Surrogacy cost in Bangalore is a little expensive; however, if people plan their surrogacy treatment at Go IVF, the best surrogacy centre in Bangalore, they will get reasonable and affordable treatment. The reason behind getting reasonable treatment at this centre is that experts at this clinic surveyed and found that more than half of the people worldwide deal with infertility issues. Due to the rising fertility treatments, they cannot afford a simple IVF procedure. Keeping the emotions of childless couples for having a baby, the experts of this centre decide to offer reasonable surrogacy charges in Bangalore so that people worldwide can go for fertility treatment to enjoy their parenthood happily.

How to find a surrogate mother in Bangalore to experience parenthood?

The following are the best ways to find a surrogate mother in Bangalore, and these are:

  1. Classifieds: It is the most desirable method for childless couples to find a surrogate mother in Bangalore. They can post an advertisement in classified columns with their requirement for a surrogate mother. Once they get a match of surrogate mother as per their requirements, the next step is that the couple fixes their face-to-face meeting with a surrogate mother and discuss their expectations from the surrogacy procedure; however, at times, this can be dangerous as you are meeting an anonymous person, so to avoid such a situation, it is always a good practice that people should meet in some public place until both get comfortable with each other.
  2. Surrogacy groups: People can search for a surrogate mother using the surrogacy groups hosted on social media. These groups are designed for surrogate mothers and people looking for a baby. In these groups, couples and surrogate mothers can briefly post their expectations. If they both feel connected, they can plan a personal meeting to discuss their expectations and requirements in detail after a few meetings when both feel comfortable working together to achieve a successful outcome. In that case, both discuss the compensation because the surrogacy hospital is not responsible for any compensation to surrogate mothers. Once everything is clear between both parties, the couples need to initiate the medical and psychological screening of the surrogate mother before visiting the surrogacy hospital in Bangalore.
  3. Independent Journey:In this method, the surrogate mother could be a friend or relative of the couple who is willing to become a surrogate mother to help the couple have their baby. Couples looking to have a child can post for surrogate mothers in private groups such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. In a few days, someone from their group who is ready to help them will call and discuss the procedure in detail to proceed. With this method, couples can find low-cost surrogate mothers whose aim is to help the couples. The amount is just a token of love from the couple’s side to help them experience the parenthood journey.

What’s the legal procedure, and how much does surrogacy cost in India for legal documentation?

As per Indian Government, only Altruistic surrogacy is allowed, where couples can compensate the surrogate mother as a token of their love for helping them have a baby. Surrogacy cost in Bangalore  Before proceeding, with the surrogacy procedure at the Go IVF surrogacy hospital, the legal advisor of the clinic will ask both parties to sign a mutual consent to run the procedure smoothly. The agreement states that the surrogate mother is ready to carry a baby in her womb for nine months and give the baby to the biological parents after the procedure is completed. The biological parents will take care of the surrogate mother from her initial consultation stage until the baby is delivered. Once both parties agreed, the experts at the surrogacy hospital in Bangalore proceeded with the procedure to achieve the highest success rates of conception. The surrogacy cost in India for legal documentation ranges from INR 1 00 000 to INR 1 50 000.

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