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Those who do not travel read only one page of the world's book. This age-old saying captures the essence of wanderlust that lives in the hearts of all adventurers. Trekking is an amazing opportunity to connect with the pristine beauty of the natural world for individuals who seek refuge in nature's embrace and aspire to explore unexplored places. The Netravati Peak Trek is one such hidden gem in India's Western Ghats. This excursion is a captivating tour through lush forests that provide a stunning blend of flora, animals, and adventure. Join us as we take a virtual trip to this magical location.

You can also visit Ruinsara Lake Trek and it is a mesmerizing journey that leads trekkers through the unspoiled beauty of Uttarakhand's Garhwal Himalayas. Nestled within the Govind Pashu Vihar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary, this trek offers a unique blend of lush forests, pristine glacial lakes, and breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks.

The Gateway to Adventure

Netravathi Peak, located in Karnataka's Western Ghats, is a trekker's paradise just waiting to be discovered. The tour begins at the lovely town of Dharmasthala, famous for its revered Lord Shiva temple. Dharmasthala is not only a pilgrimage site, but also the starting point for various adventure-filled excursions, the most prized of which being the Netravati Peak Trek.

Starting in Dharmasthala, the trekking trail winds through deep forests, charming villages, and unspoiled vistas. This trail combines spirituality and adventure well, making it an ideal location for anyone looking for a unique and enriching experience.

Trekking Through Lush Forests

As you begin your journey to Netravati Peak, you will be met with the lush vegetation of the Western Ghats. The trip takes you through lush woodlands alive with a diverse range of flora and fauna. The dense canopy of trees provides a calm and peaceful environment that invigorates the soul, providing a pleasant relief from the hot sun.

The Western Ghats are a biodiversity hotspot, and this journey allows you to experience its natural treasures up close. A wide variety of plant species thrive in the forest, including towering trees, vivid wildflowers, and aromatic herbs. Nature lovers will appreciate the orchids, ferns, and moss-covered boulders that beautify the woodland floor.


Keep a look out for the abundant birdlife that thrives in this region while hiking through this woodland. The melodic sounds of the Malabar Whistling Thrush and Malabar Grey Hornbill accompany you on your journey. You might even catch a glimpse of the elusive Malabar Giant Squirrel darting through the treetops if you're lucky.

Meeting the Locals

The ability to meet with the indigenous populations that live in this region is one of the highlights of the Netravati Peak Trek. The trek route takes you through several charming towns where you may enjoy the kindness and hospitality of the residents. These settlements are examples of how humans and the environment can dwell together.

The people are experts in sustainable living, and their traditional practices have preserved the ecosystem for generations. Participate in village talks, learn about their customs, and savor the flavors of local cuisine. The villagers' modest yet tasty meals prepared with fresh products from their farms are a pleasure for the taste buds.

A Glimpse of History

As you progress along the trail, you will come across historical relics from a bygone era. The area surrounding Netravati Peak is densely packed with ancient temples and ruins, each with its own fascinating narrative to tell. These historical sites bear witness to the region's rich cultural legacy.

The Marasanige Gudda, which is thought to have been a fort in prehistoric times, is one such site. Climbing to the top of Marasanige Gudda provides panoramic views of the surrounding terrain, making it an ideal location for a quick historical and scenic halt on your trip.

Reaching the Summit

The ascent to the peak marks the end of the Netravati Peak Trek. At an elevation of around 1,378 meters above sea level, the summit offers trekkers amazing views of the Western Ghats. The climb to the summit is a difficult but rewarding endeavor.

The final stage of the journey includes crossing steep and rocky terrain, but the sense of success at the summit makes every step worthwhile. The panoramic views from Netravati Peak are really breathtaking. The lush green valleys, mist-covered hills, and distant glimmer of the Arabian Sea on the horizon combine to provide a dreamlike panorama of natural splendor.

Camping Under the Stars

Consider camping overnight to completely immerse oneself in the tranquil environment of Netravati Peak. The night sky above the peak is a canvas filled with thousands of stars, and the chilly breeze carries the forest's whispers with it. Setting up camp allows you to truly appreciate the peace and tranquility of this secluded region.

You'll be reminded of the basic joys of life that are often neglected in the rush and bustle of the modern world as you sit by the campfire, share stories with fellow trekkers, and enjoy a warm supper. The steady chirping of crickets and the odd hoot of an owl combine to create a relaxing lullaby that lulls you to sleep.

Conservation and Responsible Trekking

Like many other natural treasures, the Netravati Peak Trek is a delicate ecosystem that necessitates ethical trekking practices. It is critical that we leave no evidence of our presence and preserve this pristine ecosystem for future generations to enjoy. Here are some tips for trekking responsibly:

1. Pack Light:  Carry just necessary goods to decrease the stress on the ecology.

2. Use Appropriate Waste Disposal: Use designated waste disposal facilities and avoid littering.

3. Stick to the Trail: To minimize disruption to the flora and fauna, stick to designated trekking pathways.

4. Respect Wildlife: Keep a safe distance from animals and avoid feeding or upsetting them.

5. Camp Responsibly: Only camp in specified places and use environmentally friendly camping equipment.


The Netravati Peak Trek is a journey through beautiful forests that not only challenges the explorer in you but also profoundly connects you with the natural world. It's a journey that combines adventure, spirituality, and cultural exploration. The vast vegetation, rich flora and fauna, and friendly residents make it an amazing experience.

As we come to the end of our virtual journey, keep in mind that the actual meaning of hiking is not just reaching the mountain, but also the way you travel to get there. Netravathi Peak is more than a destination; it is a tribute to nature's untainted beauty and the ongoing spirit of adventure. So, when the call of the wild calls, respond by embarking on the Netravati Peak Trek, where every step is a revelation and every moment is a memory to treasure.

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