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India a rapidly developing nation and is very well known as one of the world's largest economies.

In a country like India the import export data plays a  very important role in shaping the country's economy and global trade.

If you are someone who is looking for import export data of India yearly?Then this blog is for you .

In this blog, we will look atyearly import export data of India, discussing the key sectors, commodities, and trends that have contributed to its growth.

Key Sectors:

1. Textiles

India is one of the largest exporters of textiles and apparel globally.

The country's import-export data in this sector has been on an upward trajectory, with a significant increase in exports in recent years.

In 2023 India's textile exports were valued at $46.4 billion while imports were at $28.4 billion.

The main export destinations are  United States the United Arab Emirates and the European Union.

2. Electronics and Electrical Equipment:

India's electronics and electrical equipment sector has been a driving force behind the country's import export data.

In 2023 India's exports of electronic products were valued at $70.5 billion Whereas the imports  48.2 billion.

3. Automobiles and Vehicles:

India's automobile industry has been growing steadily In the year 2023 . India's exports of automobiles and vehicles were around $25.3 billion the imports were around $14.2 billion.

A few major export destinations include the United States the United Arab Emirates and South Africa.

4. Agricultural Products:

India is a major exporter of agricultural products with a diverse range of crops including rice, wheat, cotton and tea.

The agricultural exports were valued at $20.9 billion while imports were at $12.4 billion.

5. Oil and Natural Gas:

India is a net importer of oil and natural gas primarily due to its growing industrial and infrastructural needs.

The year 2023 showed India's imports of oil and natural gas were valued at $119.4 billion while exports were at $1.2 billion.


India's import export data has been growing steadily driven by the country's diversified economy and strategic trade partnerships.

The government's focus on infrastructure development and diversification of export baskets have been instrumental in maintaining a steady growth in India's import export data.

As the country continues to invest in its infrastructure and explore new trade opportunities its import export data is expected to grow further in the coming years.,508359.0.html,

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