Answer These Questions to prove your a real Harry Potter fan!

Chapter Nine: The Midnight Duel

1. Describe the Remembrall. What does it look like and what is its function?

2. Why is the usually self-confident Hermione nervous about flying?

3. In what way does Harry suspect that brooms might be similar to horses? Accurately quote the text.

4. How does Draco’s attempt to get Harry in trouble for flying backfire?

5. What does Harry mean when he thinks that he has “walked into a nightmare”?

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Samanta Kerluke

1. The remember ball is a plastic clear orb that inside it is a substance sort of like powder that turns purple when you have forgotten something.
2. She is scared of heights, and she's not good at controlling a broom
3. Ooh, you've got me there.
4. Because McGonnagall sees that he is an amazing flyer and the Gryffindor team needs a seeker. Talk about favorism!
5. I don't remember that. Interesting.

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