A social online community definitely has many menus, pages, and blocks. They can be blogs, events, images, marketplace, or any specific category to serve the specific purposes of your community. With phpFox, it’s not a big deal to do these things since we provide a friendly platform for our users to create pages, menus, and blocks quickly and easily.


Page Menu Block.png

*First, access to the AdminCP


Step 1: Click Appearance >> Pages

Create Page 1.png
Create Page 2.png

Step 3: Enter a Page Title, Meta Keywords & Description (Optional), and set if this is Active and whether to create a menu for this page.

Create Page 3.png

Step 4: You can also select which user groups can see this page

Create Page 4.png

*Once you've done the above step, you can use the text editor or insert a source code to add the content of the static page.

Create Page 5.png