Don’t worry if you are not using English to build your community. We make phpFox well-equipped with multiple languages, scripts, and cultural conventions to help localize your communities. 

First, access to the AdminCP


Click Globalization >> Languages

Language 1.png
Language 2.png

Step 2: Click Action >> Find More Language packs to show more language packs in the list.

Language 3.png

*This is to manually import a language pack if you've made one or bought a different pack that is listed in our store listing.

Language 4.png

Step 3: Once you find a language pack that you want to see more info about, click it, then the info screen and install/order screen will show. You'll be able to purchase language packs directly from this screen. Once the purchase is done and Paypal has transferred the funds from your account to the third-party developer's account, you'll be able to click to install the language pack. For freebies, just click to install it.

  1. Click Buy now to install free language packs or to pay for and then install paid ones. 

  2. You can read more info about the language pack, including any special tips from the developer

Language 5.png